ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday July 24, 2006


1.0  President

1.1  Old Business

1.1.1     Logo

See below (dir of corp)

1.1.2     Grad Stuff – The Craw


1.2  New Business

1.2.1     Events

Check the calendar in the ESS office to see the prospective schedule for  

1.2.2     Future Positions

The positions of President, VP Academic, VP External, Dir of Events and Dir Corporate Relations are all becoming available.

1.2.3     Term Projects

AGM – Alana

DISO – Paul & Logan & Harpreet

Budget – Chris

Logo – Dan

Exams – Harpreet

Sponsorship – JD

Student Outreach – Jason

Interior Design – Joey

1.2.4      Term Reports – Due By Sept 1st

Every position will be writing a term report detailing what they accomplished during the term for the next


2.0  Vice President Academic

2.1  Old Business

2.1.1     Find out when we move

Construction needs to be done on the new office before we can move, it is expected that we will not be moving before the end of the term.


3.0  Vice President External

3.1  Old Business

3.1.1     WESST and Congress Applications

Applications from JD, Dan and Chris were the only ones to fill out an application for congress, so they will be attending.

No one applied for WESST, so no one may be going from our stream.


4.0  Vice President Finance

4.1  Old Business

4.1.1     Budget

There may be a small problem in the budget, see below.

4.1.2     Contact Accounting

When VPF talked to accounting, it seemed that we would be getting $7000 from accounting, but it seems that there aren’t that many students in stream right now. We will get our check in a month and then

4.1.3     Pay off Easy C

We have paid off our portion of Easy C and Stream A knows how much they need to pay off.

4.2  New Business

4.2.1     Balance

Das is guut.

4.2.2     Budget

VPF will post the budget at the end of the semester


5.0  Director of Communications

5.1  Old Business

5.1.1     Update Website – Lockers

Dir Comm. has updated the website. ALL locks will be cut in the second week of September. Returning students can register for lockers again in the fall.

5.2  New Business

            5.2.1     Tubes

Tubes will be coming out on Thursday,

                             - Locker

                             - Date of AGM


6.0  Director of Events

              6.1 New Business

                          6.1.1   Kegger Profits

Tickets sales minus kegs, cups, etc, we have made $350. This will be donated to charity.


7.0  Director of Services

7.1  Old Business

7.1.1     Exams

Only two professors emailed back, and none of them sent any exams. There is a bunch of fourth year elec classes that will be posted on the website sometime soon.

7.1.2     CSC Selling print credits

Director of services will investigate this after exams are finished.

7.1.3     Fleeces

The order for fleeces was made last Monday, and Dir Ser will make sure that they are in before exams. The Dir Ser will also put an article in tubes to detail when and where the fleeces can be picked up.

7.2  New Business

7.2.1     Inventory

An end of semester inventory will need to be prepared and emailed to the VPF and services in stream A so that we know what our accounts are.


8.0  Director of Corporate Relations

8.1  Old Business

8.1.1     Logo

A few logos were submitted, but the problem is that they included material that could not be used and attempted to represent every discipline.


9.0  Secretary

9.1  New Business

9.1.1     Water Plant

Secretary will need to water the plant at the end of exams and throughout august so that the plant does not die.

9.1.2     Post Minutes


9.1.3          Make Locker Posters

The secretary will need to make posters to advertise the cutting date for locks.