ESS Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, January 30, 2007


1.0              President

1.1              Old Business

1.1.1        Keys

-         Who needs them?

o       Kyle

o       Karl

o       Brendan

1.1.2        Office Phone

- Going in corner by bookshelf


1.2              New Business

1.2.1        Year/Discipline Reps

-         Still need reps

o       Alana for 4th years?

o       Paul for CEng?


1.2.2        Commerce Joint Events

-         Dodgeball

o       ENGR run event

o       Saturday Feb. 10

o       E-mail sign-up sheets to COMs to post


o       Cost: 5$ per person

o       6 people per team

o       There will be singles team if needed


-         Commerce Vs. Engineering Capture the Flag

o       COM. Run

o       Tentatively Monday February 19th

o       Let Campus Security know what is happening

o       Aim for 50 people per side, could go up


2.0              Vice President Academic

2.1              Old Business

2.1.1        Department Meetings

-         E-mailed people to find out when meetings are, haven’t heard back


2.1.1        UVSS AGM

-         Meeting Wed. Jan 31 (tomorrow)

-         Logan can’t go, who can?

o       Jeff will go

-         What to do when there

o       Listen

o       Bring up issues important to us

o       Not vote (we are non-voting member)

-         Try to get info regarding contact information for all student societys – Talk to UVSS Directors in SUB


2.1.2        Midterms

-         No Conflicts so far brought up


2.2              New Business

-         None


3.0              Vice President External

3.1              Old Business

3.1.1        E-mail Exec list on National Links

3.1.2        WEC

3.1.3        Post Dates on calendar

3.1.4        Write up for tubes (congress etc)


3.2              New Business

3.2.1        WEC

-         Get dates for national competition

-         Article for next tubes

o       How teams did

o       Hijinx etc.


3.2.2        WEC 2008

-         Does Will need jumpstart of organizing next year?

-         Logistics need to be well organized

-         Will need group of people to help


3.2.3        Industry Night

- Talk to Nikin, he was at WEC representing KODAK, and might be able to get a representative here to talk


4.0              Vice President Finance

4.1              Old Business

4.1.1        Budget


4.2              New Business

4.2.1        Street Cred

-         Watch Fight Club

-         Wear big steel toed boots

-         Promote Chris along with pub crawl


5.0              Director of Communications

5.1              Old Business

5.1.1        Update Website

-         Exam section not working Why?

o       Server not running – need password

o       Talk to Tyler Price

-         Stick Pub Crawl and Iron ring info up

5.1.2        Tubes and Wires


5.1.3        Event Promotion

-         Need banner for pub crawl


5.1.4        Iron Ring


5.2              New Business

5.2.1        Tubes and Wires Next Issue

-         Next Issue in 2 weeks

o       WEC Article

o       Keener Bingo

o       A to X

o       Try to get comics from stream A


5.2.2        Grad committee

-         Talk to Jeff “THE CRAW” Crawford, Jackson, or Alana

-         Need signage letting people know where they are if they aren’t in ESS office

-         Emails for Craw and Jackson




6.0              Director of Events

6.1              Old Business

6.1.1        Pub Crawl!

-         Shirts, bus, bars, felicitas all done

-         Shirts pick up Friday – 7$ per shirt

-         Felicitas drink and food – 640$

-         First and Fourth years need announcements

-         Sell tickets downstairs in lobby


6.1.2        Dodgeball

-         Make banners

-         Talk to tim hortons

-         Need record needle cartridge

-         Get awesome trophy

-         Book Oak bay Rec center

-         Reduce price from 10$ to 5$ per person


6.2              New Business

6.2.1        Next Event?

-         Kyle’s Birthday! Friday Feb 16th

-         Formal

o       Ambrosia Catering on Pender or Harbour Towers


7.0              Director of Services

7.1              Old Business

7.1.1        Inventory

-         Take pictures and put on internet


7.1.2        Merchandise Flyer


7.1.3        Merchandise

-         Flaks? Epsilon, Row, Tau, Omega inscribed?


7.1.4        Printing Credits

-         How? Stick flow chart in tubes

-         Ask Harpreet how we put credits on


7.1.5        Photo Copier

-         Broke down, called canon, came same day, good service


7.1.6        Sticker

-         Need good ones that won’t melt in water

-         Need to get logo approved


8.0              Director of Corporate Relations

8.1              Old Business

8.1.1        Sponsorship Package


8.1.2        Order of Pi Sponsorship

-         Pie stuff is in storage locker


8.2              New Business

-         Contact sponsors for dodgeball

o       Panago

o       Somewhere for pop – Safeway?

§         Get rootbeer, cola, lemon lime, ginger ale


9.0              Secretary

9.1              Old Business

9.1.1        Water Plant

9.1.2        Post minutes of meeting

9.1.3        Put Schedule on Calendar and Post in Office


9.2              New Business

9.2.1        Water Plant

9.2.2        Post minutes of meeting


10.0          Committees

10.1          Order of Pi Chair

-         Chris is Chair

-         Try to get lots of first years involved


10.2          Cantraption Chair


10.3          Handbooks


-         Anyone interested in making them?

-         E-mail to ask for formula lists


10.4          Rules

-         New Rule: 97: Play like a champion

-         6 for, 2 against, 1 abstaining, rule is in effect