ESS Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, February 6, 2007


1.                  Old Business

a.       We have phone now

·  # is 8822

·  Post contact list by phone and computer

b.      Software Reps

·  Still need one rep to hand out tubes

c.       Pro-Mag

·  Is here, give out in class/put in ESS

d.      Industry night

·  Talk to Shelley

e.       Chris - re Street Cred

·  Fight Club

·  Boots

·  Smokes


2.      Pubcrawl

a.       Budget

·  Total income: $1725

·  Net shortcome: $260 due to lost sales

·  Cut budget to Pub golf to make up for loss

·  Overall budget is still ok

b.      Logistics Review

c.       Good/Bad

·  Need more promotion next time

·  Send pics to Trueman for tubes

·  Get pics off facebook for tubes


3.                  Keys

a.       For People who need them

·  Kyle

·  Karl

·  Brendan

b.      Deposits

·  Give $20 deposit for keys


4.                  Dodgeball

a.       Re-schedule

·  Week before engineering week – March 10

·  Announce this in class

·  Get signup sheets for office

·  Allow people to e-mail and then pay at door?

b.      Contact Dominoes/Commerce

·  Free pizza from dominoes arranged, call them to see if we can reschedule

·  Call Oak Bay Rec and ask for exact cost to rent place

·  Kyle – go get awesome trophy

·  Cost will be 5$ per person or less


5.                  UVSS AGM

a.       Plan

·  Thursday Feb 15

b.      Attendance

·  Get lots of engineers to show up for support

·  Help AUvic, FSAE, potential solar car

6.                  Formal

a.       Schedule

·  March 30th

b.      Venue

·  Harbour towers not available, as are all other places contacte

·  Try contacting University Club


7.                  Merchandise Update

a.       Inventory

·  All done

·  Lots of old pub crawl shirts

b.      Flasks

·  Jeff is looking into this

·  Tell him if you know where to get engraved flasks/flasks engraved

c.       New Ideas

·  Stickers, need logo and approval of logo

·  Dan is working on design


8.                  Old Exams

a.       Where are they?

·  Server down

·  Contacted Tyler Price, no reply, try again

·  E-mail Harpreet, can he do exams again?

b.      New ones

·  We need a scanner, endowment fund proposal.

·  Application for CEC


9.                  Course Union Meetings

·  Lots of talk about giving people money to go places

·  $100 per person if apply alone, differing money for team applications

·  Fine arts students had dumb proposal regarding getting money just in case they have an event that doesn’t make money


10.              Endowment Fund

a.       Schedule Meeting

·  Jason working on scheduling


11.              Cleaning Office

a.       Final Organization

·  Clean office during office hours

·  Someone needs to set up server - LOGAN


12.              Order of Pi

a.       Need two important people:

·  Media contact person – contacts newspapers, radios, tv stations, lets them know what we are doing

·  Corporate contact person – Lets companies know what we are doing, sets up times with businesses to go and pie people

b.      Misc

·  Put order of pie in tubes

·  Try to pie professors in front of media

·  Dean does not like being pied

·  Someone being pied can donate previous donation + 5$ to send pie to someone else

·  Highschools are good money

·  Save-on foods makes pie – they give us pie, we donate 1$ per pie to food bank

·  Pie is made of cream and is given to piee in handy bag for later eating

·  Someone talk to speedway motors to get car for driving around in

·  Need to fix up the equipment a bit, stocks are broken


13.              Handbooks

a.       Website/Premier Contract

b.      Content from other Universities

·  Get formulas –


14.              ESS Improvements

a.       Structure

·  Need ideas on how to improve the ESS

b.      Meetings

c.       Office Hours

d.      Relationship with Sub-orgs


15.              Tubes and Wires

a.       Date

·  Next issue out Monday Feb 12th

·  Get articles in by Thursday

b.      Content

·  Kyle – get pub crawl stuff in

·  Co-op office notice – look for jobs people

·  Need keener bingo – Chris has it

·  Where can we get stuff printed on newsprint?

c.       Praise for Trueman

·  All hail Trueman, he is amazing

d.      The BaG

·  Old Engineering run newspaper

·  Burgundy and Grey – Engineering colours


16.              Schedule Next Meeting

·  Tuesday Feb 9, 2007 at 4:45