ESS Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Old Business

1)      UVSS Party Endorsement

-        No, We don’t endorse parties

2)      Old Exams

-        Need Scanner

-        Karl’s Making Proposal


3)      Handbooks

-        Haven’t heard back from premier

-        E-mail them again

-        Order 500

-        Hand out at Frosh for sure

-        Find out on 16th about advertising


4)      Capture the Flag with Commerce

-        Posters are made, we just need toner

-        Monday the 19th

-        Sign up in office


New and Current Business


5)      Extra Cash

a)      CEC funding

-        Will asking for funding for team to go to CEC

-        They need $725 to cover registration and other costs

-        Asking for each stream to cover half

-        Vote: All in favour – 10 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstain

-        Condition – They write article about experience for tubes

b)      Gamecube/Emulator

-        Karl has gamecube that can play backups

-        He will sell it for $150

-        Comes with 4 controllers, memory card, and bunch of games.

-        Vote to buy gamecube from Karl: 10 Yes,  0 No, 0 Abstain

-        Need to secure Gamecube

-        Need to buy storage solution for games

c)      New TV

-        Look for a used TV

-        Minimum 27” flatscreen CRT

-        These can be had new for approximately $200

d)      What to do with remaining $650

-        Logan – proposes to use money to support order of pi/bugpush

-        Leave money till we need it/think of something really awesome

6)      Bugpush

-        We need to get new bug by fall

-        Best to get bug ahead of time and store it somewhere

-        Where to store it?

-        Before was stored at Malahat auto – they not too keen on storing it there

-        Brendan – talk to them, see if they are interested


7)      Grad 05/06 Yearbooks

-        Friesens says last years grad class didn’t pay for their yearbooks

-        They want $5500 from ESS now or they send collection agency

-        We need to talk to stream A’s grad committee

-        Talk to this years grad committee - The Craw

-        Director of finance needs to keep track of grad committee

-        Chris – Call Friesens guy, Dan has extension

-        Jason call Tyson Owens

-        Stream A still owes us $4000

-        We might have to cover their portion of CEC funding till they can pay us


8)      Travel Budget

-        Dan - we need to submit travel budget for next year now.

-        Dean wants to keep it to keep it to 10,000

-        Talk with Mike – figure out how many people we can send to each event and what event’s we’re going to

-        Make draft of budget for next meeting

-        Figure out how much travel budget we have left for this year, and what stream gets what out of what’s left.


9)      Endowment Fund

-        Kyle and Logan will be attending

-        Jason try to get Peter Darling to attend


10)  Dodgeball

a)      Posters

-        Posters are all done

b)      Announcements

-        Class announcements starting Wednesday

-        TruemanMech and Elec Thursday

-        Chris/Brendan/Jason – Mech classes

-        Kyle – First Years

-        Craw – Fourth Years

c)      Other stuff

-        Location: Ian Stewart Gym

-        Make it FREE! – Free dodgeball, free pizza, free pop

-        T-shirts for winner – Jason make design

-        Must register before Friday

-        Karl make awesome frankentrophy

-        Winners get name engraved


11)  UVSS Sub-org Funding

-        Proposal being submitted to give sub-orgs $5000 each per year

-        Being submitted in April


12)  Industry Night

-        Being held on the 28th

-        Shelley from Apeg has agreed to help out despite conflicts with Apeg event

-        Theme idea: Marketing yourself


13)  Order of Pi

-        Publicity pieing has begun

-        Pie was eaten

-        No more eating pies

-        Chris needs people to make sure they cover office hours

-        Keep an eye out for racks outside ESS being returned

-        Kyle – Get more volunteers

-        We will need 2 inquisitors at all times next week

-        Wear sandals and roll up jeans to not look terrible in costumes


14)  Tubes and Wires

-        Toner needs to get here quick

-        Stick fleece order forms and updated events calendar in Tubes

-        If toner is here by Wednesday hand out tubes Thursday

15)  Fleeces/Jackets

-        Are we doing jackets again?

-        Complaint: they are too hot

-        They make us look like dorks

-        Make order forms for fleeces and shove in next tubes


16)  Formal VS Pubcrawl

-        Problem: too many events in 2 weekends, formal pub crawl, kegger

-        Solution: eliminate 1

-        Kegger is easy to run and popular so keep it

-        After much argument we decide to run formal on the 23rd

-        Kyle – get place for formal and organize it

-        Kegger tentatively on 31st