ESS Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Old Business


1)                  Fan

-  Logan and Karl both bought same fan independently. Weird huh?

-  Decide on Friday if want to keep both

-  If don’t want both Karl will keep his, Logan will be paid for his.


2)                  Travel Budget

-  Haven’t heard from Mike Waters yet


3)                  Industry Night

-  Has been cancelled


4)                  Tubes and Wires

-  People say “too many events, not enough amazing articles on other stuff”

-  People are tired of the same APEG Ad. Do they have a new one to keep things fresh?


5)                  TV

-  Will be picked up today by Jason + Trueman

-  Can the office have a cable outlet?


New/Current Business


6)                  Skim Jam 07

a.       Logistics, Food, Music, Permit

-  Permit worked out, need to pay $50

-  Logan, Brendan talked to Zone – They can’t help us out at this event as they need 3 months advance notice, but they do want to hear from us about future events

-  They told us where to find quiet generators – Check Old Country Rentals

-  We can’t display corporate logos on the beach

-  Brendan Check Long and Mcquade for PA system

-  Logan get hot dogs, ketchup, etc, about 150 hot dogs, jugs of water, cups, napkins, garbage bags

-  Kyle get cardboard box and carpet underlay

-  We need to find a truck to transport bbqs that we are borrowing from Will


b.      Hate Mail

-  Some girl doesn’t like the logo for another skim board event on the facebook page


7)                  Engr. Formal

a.       Promotion

-  Send E-mail to E-announce


b.      Tickets – Sell

-  During office hours sell tickets in lobby


c.       Class Announcements

-  Everyone make announcements in class


8)                  Engr Kegger

a.       Hosts?

-  Bridgies can’t host it

-  Ask everyone you know who has a crack shack/abandoned warehouse/field in middle of nowhere


9)                  Fleeces

a.       Final Orders

-  Mention Fleeces in class announcements


10)              Sponsorship Package

-  Brendan Hasn’t had time to work on it


11)              Handbooks

a.       Design

-  Going Good says Jeff

b.      Content

-  Get stuff from Tyson

-  Get them done by June

-  Logan wants to help


12)              Budget

a.       Final Expenditure

-  Still have surplus

-  If we have a final surplus use the money to buy a bug for bupush


13)              New Pigeon Holes

-  Put them lower, and by the phone

-  Karl will work on them


14)              More Mini Discs

-  Karl Has bought them, along with a disc storage case


15)              Start Final Office Cleansing

-  Clean stuff, place looks like pigsty


16)              Term Projects

a.       Think About it

-  Think about a project to do over the summer to improve ESS


17)              UVSS Emails and Such

-  Meet with UVSS directors to get their opinion on Sub-org funding


18)              Logo

-  We need a good logo for use on clothing

-  Perhaps  to go on awesome track suits

-  Check out American Apparel for nice clothing options