Meeting Minutes – Monday September 17, 2007


Old Business

1. Reviewed Term Projects

                        VPF – budget $0.51 surplus

                        COM – get camera and scanner (incomplete)

                        VPX – Create ESS logo (complete) - did not get passed in fall AGM

                        PRZ – engineering jackets (incomplete)

                        SEC – take care of office (complete)


New Business  

2. Welcome New Execs.

-Separated into groups to go over office tasks for new execs

            -Key contracts

            -Computer/Email accounts

-Made up office hours.


            3. Event Scheduling

                        3.1 Bugpush

                                    -Organized by Noel

                        3.2 Pubcrawls

                                    -Organized by Noel

                                    -1st for Fri Sept 28

                                    -going ahead

                        3.3 Paintball

                                    -organized by Brendan

                                    -going ahead

                        3.4 Movember

                                    -moustaches to raise money

                                    -going ahead

                        3.5 Girls’ Night

                                    -no go

                        3.6 Winter Formal

                                    -Nov 23

                        3.7 Volunteer thank-you

                                    -Nov 30

                        3.8 Mini-Wec

                                    -Nov 3

                        3.9 Industry Night

                        3.10 Sausage-Fest

                                    -cook sausages for charity

                                    -week of November 5, 2007





4.      Presidents’ meeting

Jason will be attending a presidents meeting of all the ESS’s across Canada


5.      Academic Meetings

5.1 Class/Year Reps

      MECH Rep – Brendan Smoker  

      ECE Rep – Logan Volkers         

      SENG Rep – Cecelia Redding


6.      Engineering Associates Meeting

-nobody attended because it was right during classes


7.      Budget/GIC

7.1 ESSB bursary a potential


            8.   Website

                        Needs to be fixed


            9.  Merchandise




                                    -new t-shirts

                                    -belt buckles



            10.  Toner

                        Tess is working on it.


11.    Bugpush

Sponsorship Package handled by Brendan

                        -still looking for Bug


            12.  Frosh

                        Looking for location for kegger


Additional Items


            Karaoke machine –trying to get it working

            Contacts list