Meeting Minutes – Monday October 1, 2007


  1. President

Cut Keys

-in progress

meetings moved to 5:30 every Monday

meeting Tuesday after thanksgiving


  1. Academic

Ess6 down awaiting repair


  1. External

WESST retreat applications

            -to be handed out at first year classes

            -need to be filled out soon

Mini WEC

            -crane needs to be reanalyzed as a project option

Industry Night

            -fully cancelled


  1. Finance

Not present


  1. Communications

Website needs to be updated

Tubes and wires to come out Oct 2


  1. Events


            -rescheduled to October 21, 2007

            -selling sausages for charity

            - 12 hour

            - 6 to 6 or 7 to 7 o’clock

            -need to find bug soon


            -buses ready

            -venues need to be notified

            - game ideas

            - shirts

                        -teddy ber



  1. Corporate Relations

Bugpush Sponsorship ready tomorrow

Paintball sign up

            -to be presented to first years and announcements in second year classes



  1. Services

Toner – in progress

Gamecube games – still missing

Merchandise researched



T-shirt designs coming in


  1. Secretary

Class announcement list – in progress

Office supplies – in progress

Office pictures – to be mounted

Get Engendas back from coop

Coat rack