September 17, 1999

12:35pm - 1:45 pm

Attendance: 65 students in attendance - quorum present

(quorum is 15% of students - approx 60)

1. Election of Chair

Jason Walls nominated as meeting Chair by Craig Rice and Chris Singer:


2. Election of Secretary

Chris Singer nominated as Secretary by Andrew Preston and TJ Drennan.


3. Agenda

Agenda Passed

4. Presentations from Executives

Executives give job summary of their positions.
TJ Drennan gives budget.
Megan Howell Jones explains solutions to mandates given at last AGM.

5. Budget

Craig Rice and Mike Fischer move to accept the budget.


6. Elections

 VP External:
           Craig Rice is nominated by Chris Singer and Tom Owen.
     Vote of confidence in Craig Rice is successful.  Craig Rice is elected VP External.
Voted in.  Two agents and Two abstained

           TJ Drennan is nominated by Jenny McPhail and Andrew Preston.
     Vote of confidence in TJ Drennan is successful.  TJ Drennan re-elected as Treasurer.
Voted in.  Three abstained

 Director of Events:
           Tom Owen is nominated by Mark Kowl and Jason Work.
           Chris Ross is nominated by Mike Fischer and Andrew Preston.
Chris Ross Voted in.  Tom 13, Chris 31

 Director of Services:
           Chris Singer is nominated by Paul Nevlud and TJ Drennan.
    Vote of confidence in Chris Singer is successful.  Chris Singer is elected Director of Services.
Voted in.

          Dave Black is nominated by Mark Kowl and Chris Ross.
          Kevin Maxwell is nominated by Chris Singer and Jason Work.
    Vote of Confidence for Dave Black:   Voted in.  One abstained
    Vote of Confidence for Kevin Maxwell:  Voted in.  One abstained
        Kevin Maxwell and Dave Black are both elected secretaries.

7. Presenting of Prepared Motions

Ballot Voting presented by Andrew Preston.
    Andrew Preston proposes an amendment as follows:
        We use a ballot with one line so that the desired candidate’s name can be written in to indicate a vote.
    Vote on amendment:  Passed. One agents

Vote on adopting a balloting system for voting in the Annual General Meeting is passed.
    Allowing the ESS to have two Secretary Positions presented by Andrew Preston.
    Jason Work proposes an amendment as follows:
        The ESS is to have a maximum of 2 secretaries.
    Vote on amendment:  Passed
Jason Work’s amendment is passed.
    Vote on motion:  Motion is passed. One agents

Reporting to UVSS and Constitution clean up of Typos.
        Andrew Preston moves to have the Reporting to the UVSS amendment to the Constitution and the Constitution clean up of Typos be omnibused.
        Vote on omnibus motion:  Passed.  Two abstained
    Vote on motion: Motion is passed.

8. Impromptu Mandates

Jason Work proposes following motion:
    BIRT the ESS investigate the feasibility of getting a slurpy machine for the ESS office.
Andrew Preston and Megan Howell-Jones move to call the questions.
Question is called.

Motion is passed.

Gabriel Bowers proposes following motion:
    BIRT all exams that pertain to this semester be post on the Web by beginning of exam period.

Motion passed.

Mike Fischer proposes following motion:
    BIRT the ESS looks into purchasing a digital camera and purchase one if it turns out to be feasible.

Motion passed.

Jason Work proposes following motion:
    BIRT the ESS look into getting a card key reader for the door of the ELW that faces the Petch building.

Motion passed.  One agents

Brian proposes following motion:
    BIRT the ESS have a debate with regards to were the ESS stands on the U-Pass.  Do they oppose or support it.

Motion Dropped.

Greg Terry proposes following motion:
    BIRT the ESS post a copy of the ESS constitution outside the ESS.

Motion passed. One Agents

9. Student Presentation

Looking for interest to help out with Canadian Engineering Conference
Morgan Stewart
Hadded out a pitition.


Paul Nevlud moves to close the meeting.

Motion is passed

Meeting Closed.