MONDAY January 11, 1999



  1. New Meeting Time

 A new meeting time must be found for this semester as the old one conflicts with some schedules.
Possibilities: Problems
 Monday 3:00pm  TJ and Andrew have a lab 
Tuesday 5 or 6 Megan has a lab
Thursday 5:30pm Chris has a lab
Wednesday 5:30. Patti and Briac prefer other times since they do not have classes at all on Wednesdays so will not be at school
    Wednesday 5:30pm is agreed upon by all since Patti will be resigning soon and Briac will not be in regular attendance.

2. Planning Session

A planning session will be held at 5:30pm in the GSS for executives to plan the coming semester's events and administration.

3. Directories

Directories this semester must be handed out in a timely fashion.  Sheets have been handed out and the following people are in charge of compiling the names:
4B Mechs - Patti
4B Elecs/Comps - Aaron
3A All - Andrew/TJ
1B All - Chris, Megan

4. AGM


This semester voting will be held for VP Academic and President (for the Fall).  The President will be graduating at the end of this semester, so the vote must be held now for the president for next semester (This policy is outlined in the constitution).  Debate was held on the validity of electing the President for the next semester and not for the current semester.  Patti was afraid that the last president would not be readily available for help in the September since it isn't the same thing to be trained while not actually holding the position.  Agreed upon was that the current president would give the best possible training in this semester and when the new president took on the role, the rest of the ESS Executives would help out.

Time and Place

Last semester, the AGM was held at a time when Mechanical Engineers in 2B had a lab.  One of the effects of this may be the fact that all new executives were Electrical and Computer Engineers.  This semester, care should be taken to ensure this does not happen.  Turn out at last semesters meeting was also low, not only because no 2B Mechs could come, but also because it was held in a building across campus.  Meeting turn out is important for a sufficient quorum, so this semester it should be held at a time and place convenient to all.

Since many people come out to the Dean's bar-b-que, having the AGM just before is a good idea.  ESS members should check before the planning session on Wednesday to make sure that this time will not conflict. Notice must be given by Thursday for the AGM to be on Friday, January 29, 1999.

5. Outlook Contacts

Stream 'A' has started a contacts list using Outlook.  Chris explained that new contacts can be added, but should be added by organization or business name instead of personal name for easy future look-up.  Personal names may be added in the Outlooks Contacts sheet about the business.


Competitors interested in attending WECC '99 are:
TJ Drennan
Andrew Preston
Mike Morgan
Mike Fisher and Partner TBD
Karl and Aaron are maybes
The price of airfare to Saskatoon is currently around $238 +Tax, priceof competitor entrance fee is $200.  The ESS should be able to afford to pay for the competitor entrance fees, since all money to go to CCES was fundraised, and therefore there is an overage in the Conferences & Competitions budget.
WECC needs to get delegate list ASAP since we were already granted an extension that was up last Friday.

9. Meeting Adjourned

17:04 PM