WEDNESDAY January 20, 1999



  1. Volunteers

We have a good numbers of 1st year reps in attendance, and we have a lot of commisioner positions available for them to fill.  The following are positions filled:
Position Filled By
Exam Cabinet Maintenance Tom Owen
Job Cabinet Maintenance Francois Beaudet
Keeper of the Tree Mark Kowal
Promag Rep David Black
Visual Communications Kyle McWilliam
Web Page Maintenance Kevin

Committees have begun to be formed as well.  These are unfinished and new members will be added during the AGM.
Committee Head Members
Orientation TBA* Kevin, Pamela Bedeski, Tom Owen, Francois Beaudet, Kyle McWilliam, Raj Paul, David Black, Chris Ross, Mark Kowal, Shalene George
Soccer Karl Hohnisch Raj Paul, David Black, Chris Ross
Order of Pi Chris Singer David Black, Chris Ross
Tubes and Wires Briac Medard de Chardon Chris Bowness, Jason 
*The orientation committee should begin meeting soon and between the people listed above, a committee head will be chosen.

2. Budget

3. CEC Money

Andrew received an email from the VP West of the CFES asking us on behalf of CEC 99 to ask our Dean for money.  He feels that we should not support this as not only was CEC '99 operating under budget last time dollar amounts were given, but also because we should be asking our Dean for money only when it concerns UVic engineering students more directly. The consensus in general by all in attendance was not to ask.

4. PNECT (Pacific Northwest Environmental Conservation Treaty)

Save Water...Drink Beer. ERTW.

5. $4000 UVSS Debt

The $4000 debt which we believed was mythical is in fact true.  Our stream owes the UVSS $4000 because we were given a pre-payment for student fees from them the same year as we transferred payment from the UVSS to the University (1997).  Accounting from that time is very fuzzy, so it is hard to see what exactly happened.  There is a probability that the cheque that went missing last semester that came because of back payments is linked to this, so TJ will get hold of University administration regarding this.  Should we have to pay the $4000, we would have to halve our overage fund.

6. Logo Contest

Our logo has been banned, so we need to find a way to get around putting UVic and alcohol together on it.  Possibilities are to simply delete the word UVic from it, or to get a new logo that does not have alcohol.  We are looking for submissions for logos that will work and we will show some of the suggestions at the AGM to get an idea of what we want.  A reason not to use the current logo without UVic is that we can't couple it with Science Venture or things like that.  In the past we have therefore used 2 logos: One for merchandise and another for official papers.  This may be something we can implement, but our current "unalcohol" logo has been deemed "ugly" by some, so we still need to look for a new one.


Everything for WECC has been finalized.  We are sending 4 teams - 2 first year team design teams and 2 senior debate teams. Unfortuanatly, the organizers for WECC just finalized the schedule too and put the plenary at a time after which everyone but TJ and Andrew have left.  Since the plenary won't be too important to most, this shouldn't be a large problem.

8. WECC '99 Computer

The WECC committee does not own their own computer, so we are looking at the possiblity of loaning our old one to them.  Our old one is currently sitting idle, and nobody had any objections to this, so we will propose this to the committee.

9. Fridges

We have an excess number of fridges sitting in the office, and getting rid of one would free up space for a new game machine.  We talked about this last semester as well, so this should be done soon.  Before we get rid of one, we must decide which one to get rid of (we must keep the ones that fit the kegs).

10. Commerce Society Events

9. Meeting Adjourned 18:22