THURSDAY January 28, 1999

12:35pm - 1:45 pm

Attendance: 84 students in attendance - quorum present

(quorum is 15% of students - approx 60)

1. Election of Chair

Karl Hohnisch moved as chair of meeting


2. Election of Secretary

Megan Howell Jones moved as secretary of meeting.


3. Agenda

Agenda Passed

4. Presentations from Executives

Aaron Holtzman - President
- fulfilled role of president as being executive representing Engineering Students Society
- made sure events went smoothly as they are very important
Mike Fischer - Director of Events
- ran pub crawl last semester, and first one this semester which was sold out
- this semester the following events are coming up:
VP Internal
-did charity event which was at Canada Day Picnic in Beacon Hill Park, helping Science Venture and promoting Go-West.
-acts on behalf of students by attending B.Eng committee and other committee meetings
-tried to keep the Tree semi-alive
-took minutes at meetings
-organised exam cabinet

VP External

-keeps in touch with APEGBC


-summer 98 totals given as shown on the posted overhead
-highlights of spending during the summer include Foosball Table

5. Student Presentation


The SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers.  Meeting will be held for people interested in being involved.
Looking for interest to help out with Canadian Engineering Conference
Order of Pi
Interest sheets will be circulating for sign-up in the annual charity drive that involves people donating money for others to be pied in the face
Endowment Fund
Endowment Fund now has enough capital for students to make proposals of where to spend this year's interest.  To make proposal for the endowment fund write up a proposal and submit it to the ESS, who will form a committee to review it.

6. Budget

Karl Moved for approval.  37 in favour, 2 opposed, rest is abstensions.

Budget may be found online here.


7. Elections

Nominations for President, next fall:
Chris Bowness nominated by Aaron Lam, seconded by Drew Ho
Megan Howell Jones nominated by Gabriel Bowers, seconded by Chris Singer
Chris Ross nominated by Michael Ji, seconded by Zahid

Vote : Chris Bowness-34  Megan Howell Jones-40  Chris Ross-2

Megan Howell Jones declared President-Elect

Nominations for VP Internal:
Chris Bowness nominated by Aaron Lam, seconded by Jenny McPhail
Chris Singer nominated by Gabriel Bowers, seconded by Megan Howell Jones

Vote: Chris Bowness-28    Chris Singer-21

Chris Bowness declared VP Internal

8. Impromptu Mandates

Whereas the budget is presented in an unclear fashion
BIRT it be presented in the future in a detailed balance sheet format

Motion Passed

Whereas the voting structure is unreliable and possibley suspect,
BIRT that a ballot system be implemented for the next AGM.

Motion Passed

Whereas the structure does not reflect the various years and disciplines of the student population,
BIRT the current ESS look into a new system for better class representation

Debate on Motion:
the ESS currently uses class representatives to reflect the years and disciplines, thus this motion is redundant.

Motion Dismissed


Motion to close meeting put up by Karl.  Seconded and passed at 1:45pm.