WEDNESDAY September 29, 1999


1. Uforia Tickets

2. Science and Engineering for High School Students (Proposed by Dr. Beer in the Physics department)


Places for Students to Visit (followed by member responsible for finding more info):

1. Robotics Lab (Megan Howell Jones)

2. Anachoic Chamber (Megan Howell Jones)

3. Cryo Lab (Matt Gunther)

4. Cad-Cam Lab (Matt Gunther)

5. E.S.S. (all members)

6. DSP Lab (Chris Singer)

Things for Students to See (followed by person to contact)

1. Co-op displays (co-op office)

2. Robots: (Mantis Chang, Kin Li) - T.J. Drennan and Andrew Preston to investigate.

3. Demo's: (Andrew Preston and T.J. Drennan)

3. Memorial Monument

4. Bug Push

The following points are taken care of:


These points still need some more planning:


For September 30:

5. Flag Football

6. Office Hours

7. Tubes and Wires

8. Dynamic study skills seminar

9. Commerce Meeting

10. Additional Notes