All UVic Engineering Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in the local engineering competitions.  There are two types of competitions, and engineering competition (UVEC) in which winners proceed to regionals and nationals to prove they are the best in the country, and a local competition in coordination with business students for prises and networking (Design Sprint).


Engineering Competition 

Every Fall and Summer term, the UVic ESS organizes the University of Victoria Engineering Competition or UVEC.  UVEC consists of multiple engineering related competitions that pits engineering undergraduates against their peers.  Winners receive glory, bragging rights, and move on to the regional competition Western Engineering Competition (WEC) to test their skills against western engineering students from Manitoba to the Coast.  If teams win regionals, they continue on to the final competition in the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) to challenge the winners from Quebec, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces to prove that West is Best.

UVEC is held in the summer and fall semesters and categories vary with demand.  You can see past UVEC competitions here.


Design Sprint 

In the Spring term, the Business Students’ Society and the Engineering Students’ Society collaborate to organize the Design Sprint.  Teams of engineers and business students work together for once to design a solution to a unique problem and sell that solution to a panel of judges that consist of industry professionals.  Winners receive prizes and bragging rights for years to come.  Everyone who competes is welcome to an after competition get together as well.



Competition Albums

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