What does the ESS do?

According to our constitution, the purpose of the ESS is:

i) To be the single voice of the University of Victoria engineering
undergraduate students, and

ii) To promote, direct, sponsor, and coordinate activities which will
benefit the present and future University of Victoria engineering
undergraduate students.

Which is to say that we try to make Engineering student life better and more awesome in whatever way we can. We host as many events as we think you can attend, including epic EEEs (Engineering Evening Excursions), hockey nights, video game nights, movie nights, dodgeball, and more. We also run an intramural soccer team, maintain the foosball table, and make slushies every Friday.

In addition to all our fun activities, we also help improve the academic and professional lives of our students. We liaise with the faculty and the coop office to voice student concerns, including sitting in on faculty meetings (as well as some department committees). We also liaise with other organizations including EGBC, as well as other engineering schools in Canada through the Western Engineering Students’ Society Team (WESST) and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES).

How do I join the ESS?

If you’re registered as an engineering student (that is, enrolled in the B.Eng or B.SEng program), you’re already a member.

How can I get involved?
  • Come to the semesterly general meeting (SGM). This is where we approve the budget, elect a new executive, and deal with other matters that affect the whole ESS. Come and have your say in how the ESS will be run for the semester. You can also run for a position or volunteer as a director-at-large (DAL). Also, there’s free food! The SGM usually happens in the 2nd or 3rd week of classes – you can find info on our bulletin board, website, Facebook group, or in the Newsletter.
  • Stop by the Engineering Lounge (ELW 206). There’s usually someone there most of the morning & afternoon on school days.
  • Come to our weekly meetings, which are open to all ESS members (i.e. all engineering students). Meeting times can change each semester depending on schedules, so find out more information in the office.


What events does the ESS run?

Events vary each semester, but usually include:

  • Engineering Evening Excursions (EEEs)
  • Movie nights
  • Clubs day
  • Formal Nights
  • Intramural soccer
  • Free Food day
  • Charity events

The ESS has events for everyone!  All engineering students are welcome and we hope to see you at the next one.  Feel free to contact the VP Events if you have any events you’d like to see; we want to hear from you!

How can I buy some ESS Merch?

To buy some ESS merchandise, come by the ESS Lounge (ELW 206) and ask the local executive about anything merch related.  Want to try something on?  No problem.  Confused about pricing?  We got you.  Have great ideas regarding new or updating merch?  We would love to hear them!

I’m under 19, what events can I go to?

Almost all of them! Our EEE’s are 19+, but almost all our other events are open to everyone.

Also, it should be noted that although the ESS does run events involving alcohol, these events are paid for through ticket sales. Student fees do not go toward alcohol.

How do I find out about ESS events?

The best places to find out about events are our Facebook Page, this website, our bulletin board in the ELW lobby, and in our newsletter.  If you ever have any concerns or questions about events, don’t hesitate to contact an ESS executive!


What charity events does the ESS run?

The ESS runs one charity per semester:

  • Spring: Order of Pi – the most noble Order of Pi happens on pi week, the week around March 14th (3.14); the Order pi’s people in the face for donations to the Children’s Health Foundation
  • Summer: Siege Week – fire a siege weapon for a small donation to Engineers Without Borders.
  • Fall: Bug Push – push a VW Bug around Ring Road for 12 hours; proceeds benefit United Way.

Does the ESS organize pranks?

No, that would be UBC.

How do I register a locker?
  • ELW: Go to ess.uvic.ca/lockers, and put a lock on your locker.
  • ECS: these lockers are managed by the CSCU; visit them on the ECS 3rd floor to register a locker.

Locker registration is free, but you need your own lock.

Where do I buy an engineering jacket?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The old style of jackets are no longer manufactured.  The ESS is currently looking for a new style and manufacturer; Stay tuned for updates!

The ESS orders jackets once a semester. They are high-quality black jackets that look somewhat professional (they are not varsity-style like at some other schools). The cost varies depending on supply & demand, but they are usually around $80.

The order is usually placed around a month or two into the semester, so watch this website and Facebook for details. We also have demo sizing jackets in the ESS office (ELW 206), so come by and try one on!

What is the Cinkant endowment fund?

The Cinkant Endowment fund is maintained by the Faculty of Engineering. Each semester, one third of the ESS’ student fees go toward it (as part of our constitutional obligation). The fund is reserved for student projects that benefit the entire engineering student body. Proposals for projects are taken during the Spring semester, and are decided on by a committee composed of faculty members and student representatives. More details will be given closer to the due date.

What is WESST?

The Western Engineering Students’ Societies Team (wesst.ca) is an organization of engineering student societies from 12 schools in western Canada, including UVic. They run several events each semester, the biggest of which is the Western Engineering Competition (WEC) each January. WESST also holds meetings for the various schools’ ESS’s to discuss ways to run more effectively and better reach their students.

What is the CFES?

The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (cfes.ca) is like WESST, but at the national level. Their biggest event is the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC), which the winners of WEC will qualify for.

Note that the CFES is in no way related to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS).