Order of Pi

Order of Pi is an annual event held during the week of March 14th (3/14), π week. For a minimum donation of $20, students (or faculty) can lay charges against their peers. The charges can be real or completely made up, and are often hilarious. The Order is summoned to try the accused, and, if found guilty, deliver a pie to the face. However, if the accused is able to exceed the donated amount by 5$, they are absolved of their crimes and set free. All proceeds from Order of Pi are donated to the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island (formerly the Queen Alexandria Foundation for Children). For more information, visit uvicorderofpi.ca.

Siege Week

During Siege Week, the Society lets students get a taste of medieval engineering with it’s three miniature siege engines; a catapult, a trebuchet and a ballista. Students can find this arsenal outside the McPherson Library, where, for a small donation, they can fire (non-lethal) objects of their choice across the Quad.  This event is an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to de-stress and donate to a good cause.  All proceeds go to Engineers Without Borders.

Bug Push

Bug Push is a marathon event during which teams of students, faculty or industry push the Society’s VW Beetle around Ring Road, none-stop, for 12 hours. Teams of 2-6 people take 30 minute time-slots and often push in-costume. It’s a lot of fun and a great work out! Money raised by teams and sponsors is donated to United Way.

Game Stream

Game Stream is a 24 hour gaming marathon hosted on Twitch.tv. Players pay a $5 entry fee and donations are accepted from those watching. All proceeds go towards the Child’s Play Charity.