The UVic ESS runs three charity fundraisers every year: Order of Pi in the spring, Siege Week in the summer, Game Stream in the Spring, and Bug Push in the fall.

Order of Pi

The Order of Pi is a long-standing tradition among engineers. It involves sending out a group of monks to raise money for Queen Alexandra’s Children’s Hospital by pie-ing people that are guilty of heinous crimes made up by regular people (well, the crimes are make-believe but the pies are real). The “Autos di Pias” happens in the spring semester, in the week around pi day (March 14th, or 3.14).

If you have a friend or loved one you would like to see stand trial on charges of your choice, simply phone The UVic Engineering Student’s Society at 721-8822 and make a charitable donation for at least 20 dollars.

Game Stream

Most up to date Game Stream event

In the spring of 2015 the ESS started a new charity, a 24 hour game stream.  During the stream Engineering students gather and play video games nonstop for 24 hours while streaming on for the public to watch and donate to.  All proceeds go towards

Siege Week

During Siege Week, volunteers set up large siege engines such as catapults and Trebuchets in front of the Student Union Building.  Members of the public can fire these weapons for a small donation.  All proceeds go to Engineers Without Borders.

Bug Push

The bug push is a fundraiser that is done every year to raise money for United Way. It is a 12-hour marathon of, you guessed it, pushing a Volkswagen Bug around Ring Road. The bug is hollowed out and rigged up for the adventure and then teams of students push for an average of a half-hour.

There have been some pretty crazy teams pushing the bug in the past. This includes runners clad in only boxers or the guy who is determined to push the bug for a half hour by himself every year. This is good fun and a good workout so get off your butt and help push!