The Corporation of the Seven Wardens has been conducting Iron Ring ceremonies for graduating engineers from accredited Canadian engineering programs since 1925.  Iron Ring Camp 23 has been conducting Iron Ring ceremonies at the University of Victoria since 1989.

When is the Iron Ring ceremony?

Camp 23 hosts two Iron Ring ceremonies per year – one in March and another in November.

The Spring 2017 Iron Ring Ceremony will be held on Saturday, March 18th at 2pm

Who can attend an Iron Ring ceremony?

Camp 23 is happy to offer the opportunity to attend the Iron Ring ceremony to UVic Students, suitably qualified students from other accredited Canadian Universities / Institutes and registered Professional Engineers and Engineers-in-Training.

You can find information specific to you and to the upcoming ceremony by following the appropriate link below:



If neither of those conditions applies to you, you can explain your situation to Camp 23 by contacting Colin Smith or Liam Butters.

  • Colin Smith: at
  • Liam Butters: liam.butters at

Please keep in mind that Camp 23 reserves the right to define eligibility criteria for Camp 23 Iron Ring Ceremonies.