The Fall 2017 Iron Ring Ceremony will be on:

Wednesday, November 15th at 10am



How do I register for the Iron Ring ceremony

–      First, pay through the ESS webstore (you don’t need an ESS website account)

–      Second, fill out the Registration Form.  You will be prompted to fill out the Registration Form following the payment process.

Am I eligible for the upcoming Iron Ring ceremony?

You can register for the ceremony if:

–      You are an EGBC registered PEng or EIT; or

–      You have recently graduated with a Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) accredited BEng, BSEng, or BASc degree; or

Where is the Iron Ring ceremony?

The Iron Ring ceremony will take place on campus at the University of Victoria, in Bob Wright Building room B150. You can find a map of UVic (including parking lots) here.

My family wants to see me get my iron ring. Can they attend the ceremony?

Since March 2012, UVic Iron Ring ceremonies have been open. This does NOT mean that you can bring whoever you want. Each ring recipient is restricted to at most two (2) guests at a cost of $15 per guest.  The maximum number of guests may become further restricted as the registration deadline approaches based on the capacity limitation of the event venue.  This means that if you leave registration until near the ceremony date, you may not even be able to bring 2 guests.  Additional guests are only allowed if space is available. Guests are registered during the registration process.

How do I pay for any guests in addition to my first two (2) guests?

Additional guests will be allowed based on space constraints. We have a maximum number of people who will be able to observe the ceremony.

If, prior to the ceremony, our registration numbers begin to approach our limit, we may limit the number of guests to one per ring recipient (or none). Keep this in mind, and register as early as possible. In the event that we have space, additional guest registration may come available closer to the ceremony date on a first-come, first served basis.

I won’t be in Victoria for the ceremony. Can I have a friend pick up my ring for me or can you mail me one?

No.  In order to receive a ring, you must attend an Iron Ring ceremony in person.

Which finger do I wear my ring on and what is my ring size?

Your Iron Ring should be worn on the pinky-finger of your working hand (ie. Your right hand if you’re right handed).  You can be sized for a ring at any jewelry shop.  Be sure you request sizing based on the North American system.  This system uses sizes typically in the range of 2 – 10.  Note that our rings are only available in whole- and half-sizes (ie. 6, 3.5, etc).  Quarter sized rings are not available.

How much does it all cost?

This depends on if you’re going to bring a guest or not

Registration for the Iron Ring Ceremony (including your ring) costs $40, and guests are an additional $15 per guest.  Doing some quick math, that is $55 for your participation in the ceremony, your ring, and one (1) guest; or $70 for your participation in the ceremony, your ring, and two (2) guests.

I lost my ring. Can you give me another one?

Yes.  You may contact Camp 23 for your replacement ring by emailing Camp23 (at) ironring.ca

I want to have my ring presented to me by another engineer.  How do I do that?

You can have your ring presented to you by anyone who already has an iron ring.  We call this person a ‘special presenter’.   To request a special presenter, please fill out the special presenter registration section of the registration form

Please note that special presenters do not have to pay to attend the ceremony, nor do they count towards the ‘guest limit’ and they should not be registered as guests.

What do I wear?

The Iron Ring Ceremony is business casual affair. Please no jeans and sneakers, and no tuxedos. A nice shirt and a skirt/black slacks is an excellent choice

I paid and registered but never received a ticket in the mail?

There are no physical tickets for this event, only registration lists.

How do I contact you?
Contact Colin Smith: colinsmith.ca at gmail.com
Contact Liam Butters: liam.butters at gmail.com