Fall 2019 First Year Representative Candidates

Hello Future Engineers, and attention all first year students!


The First Year Representative election is up and running and we have three likely candidates. This election and position are first year exclusive; only first year students can and should vote. The campaign period runs from now until midnight on Tuesday, and voting will open Sunday at midnight and run until Tuesday at midnight. The elected representative will be announced on Wednesday at noon.


Link to vote: webvote.engr.uvic.ca/      (Open to first years only)


UVic Engineering Students’ Society

First Year Representative Candidates – Fall 2019

*Candidates listed in order of applications received



Sean Cox

Sean Cox

Personal Description:

I feel as if I am qualified to be the First Year Representative due to my past experiences being a leader in high school. From being the Mechanical Lead for my high school robotics team I have learned how to communicate well with a diverse group of people learning public speaking skills in the process. Other attributes I have acquired by being a leader are my patience, aptitude, and energy. These I feel would benefit the ESS because it allows me to adapt to a variety of situations to help the ESS run smoothly.…


Fall 2019 Semesterly General Meeting — SGM

Hello Future Engineers!

I hope everyone had a good first day of classes!  The ESS wants to remind everyone that our Semesterly General Meeting (SGM) is coming up this Thursday Sept 5th at 17:30 in the ELW Lobby.  At this meeting, we discuss important matters such as the terms budget, policy changes, hold elections, and eat FREE PIZZA.

Remember, at this meeting we want your opinions and griefs!  If you don’t like the way we budgeted something, let us know and if the people agree it can be changed.  Your opinions matter and they can make a difference.



Ok, so what’s all this business about elections?  What Budget?  What’s a Semesterly Elected Position?  I’m glad you asked.

We did our Council elections last Spring for the yearly elected council.  But, we have many smaller positions that are great for getting involved and making a difference with a bit less work.  These positions are now Semesterly Elected Positions.  These positions are elected at each SGM and are only in power for that term.  Less commitment, more fun.

A brief description of the positions:

-Director of Services

Do you like slushies, engr merch, and snacks?  Well then thank the tireless work of the Director of Services. …


Summer 2019 Bug Push for Charity



We have our annual Bug Push for Charity is this Sunday, June 23rd 8am – 8pm,!  Here’s a quote from our Charity Coordinator:

Bug Push is the charity event that the UVic Engineering Students’ Society (UVic ESS) hosts in partnership with the UVic United Way campaign. Teams of UVic students, faculty, staff, and corporate teams from across Victoria test their stamina, have fun, and raise funds while manually pushing a hollowed-out 1972 VW Beetle around UVic’s 2.2-km Ring Road. Each team pushes for a half-hour shift, with the goal of keeping the bug rolling all day. This year we the “Bug” has a zebra-inspired paint job!

You will need 3-5 people to push the bug: at least two to push and one to drive. Minimum $40 donation per team, and teams are encouraged to fund-raise on their own. You can also register as a individual and we will try to find a team for you to run with. All proceeds go to United Way. Donations will be accepted on the day of event. “