Applications for WESST AGMR!

Hello everyone, if you’re interested in attending WESST AGM and Retreat ( then you should apply at this link!

This is one of the coolest conferences to attend – you’ll get to meet students from across western Canada, learn some professional skills, and have more than a bit of fun!

If you have any questions, shoot an email to

Note: Applications will close on Thursday, Sept 20th, at noon.…


First Approval of New Constitution

Yesterday at our SGM, our members voted to approve a new constitution that includes a large structural change to both the executive and how the ESS operates!

You can see the draft by following the link below. If you have any concerns make sure you bring them to our SGM in January as both streams need to approve the constitution before it comes into effect.

DRAFT-ESS Constitution


SGM Approaches!

With the beginning of the semester we have some big events on the horizon, staring off on Wednesday (Sept. 12th) afternoon with a Review of the Proposed changes the Constitution prior to the Semesterly General Meeting (SGM) on Thursday (Sept. 13th) where we will be voting on these changes. We will also be voting the New Executive in, going over the proposed budget and much much more.